Terms of Use - Graphics From the Pond

My images have been designed for use in secured PRINTABLE TEACHING DOCUMENTS. 

To use them you must have a license. The 'license' is essentially your receipt of purchase from the TpT website and my store:

The images can be used in your teaching resource documents. No other use is allowed in this standard license. 

If you are not a teacher or teaching-resource designer, and would like to use the graphics, please contact me for licensing options.

The image files (clipart) are NOT to be used or redistributed anywhere ‘as is’. 

You are not able to display, sell, share or give them away as image files as I have done.

You cannot use the images in any product that is for re-sale by your purchaser.  

You cannot make clipart or new image files with my image files.

The images are to be used to complement your teaching document.

You cannot make files, or products that are simply pages of our images and nothing else – you need to add reasonable content to make it a ‘teaching resource’. NO ‘colouring pages’.

Purchasing the item does not transfer the copyright to you.  It means you cannot claim the design as your own design. All images are always my intellectual property – you are purchasing a license to use them in your document.

This license is non-transferable. This means you cannot transfer/ give the license to anyone else, nor can you change the item that it applies to.

If you are distributing or selling your document, YOU MUST acknowledge somewhere in your teaching document (a credit page at the beginning or end of you file is the easiest option) that you own a license to use them

e.g. Images in the file are licensed from Graphics From the Pond

You cannot use the images in any file where they can be easily removed. You must ensure that they cannot be easily copied, extracted, downloaded or shared.

You are not permitted to use my images on any web page – blog, website, weebly, social media etc

You do not have permission to use our graphics as a logo, part of a logo or on blog/pinterest/social media  advertising buttons or “memes”.

It is acceptable to create an ‘image file’ where my images appear if it is being used as a thumbnail to present the ‘cover’ of your document. It must be a genuine attempt to capture the true cover of the actual document cover – not an advertising meme in disguise.

These terms are current as at June 2016.