Saturday, 25 March 2017

Learning the letter {and word} Ii

Sam and I had a letter-sound session a few days ago to learn all about 'i'. We talked about the letter i, the sound i and the word 'I'.

No wonder the brain develops more between 0 and 8 than any other time in life! So much to master!

We made it fun with a little song, sung to the tune of Farmer in the Dell.

We added 'i' to our growing sound flip book! 

I took the time to introduce the 'sound' and 'word' box. We looked at how both 'i' and 'a' are both sounds and 'words. I did not labour this point, it is fast pace teaching, and I will revisit it many times over this year. 

We put some of our known sounds together, to make the word 'sit', and then substituted phonemes to make new words.

These coloured cards are a big part of the way I start to teach reading - from a phonics base. 

The 123 Train resource I have on TpT is next on my list to update. It was one of the first 'cvc' products on TpT back in the day when NO CLIPART was available - eeek! I made do with some images I could gather up, but I can't wait to freshen it up and make it look fit for 2017! If you have it, stay tuned for a brand spanka very soon!

I have had emails and messages on Instagram asking where these resources come from - they are in my TpT store and the bundle is on sale this week! Find it by clicking on the image below.

I've prepared a bonus worksheet for you to add to the collection, simply click below to find it in Google Drive!

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What is better than chocolate?

Find out over at TpT!

Friday, 24 March 2017

2 Digit Addition with Regrouping

Head over to my Facebook page to see a very short video {click on video tab} on how you can explain and model 2 digit addition with regrouping to your students using a simple dolls house, labels and place value blocks!

It is perfect to accompany my new Addition House activity cards. I you don't have a dolls house {that your daughter has finished playing with} you could very easily draw one of chart paper. The key is that students act out, or 'model' the addition process and see how and why the trading occurs.

If you would like the labels I used for my house, find them in Google Drive, HERE

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Egg-citing Bulletin Board

A new packet has been added to my 'Display in a Day' series that is perfect for spring and Easter!

Simply print the color or backline version of the eggs and ask your students to help you decorate an area of the classroom - a board, windows, door or hallway!

Your students can paint or shade these - add a pattern if they like. They would also look great with the children's photos emerging from the cracked eggs.

Decorative and untracked egg options have also been included!

Find this new packet in my TpT store - on sale today!

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Add some rainbow to your week!

Hi friends! 

I added a new week plan to my workspace - rainbow themed. 

Use it to jot down your plans, motivation, ideas, to-do's, must-do's, want-to-do's or love-to-do's for the week!

Find it for free in google drive HERE

If you need some more rainbow-inspired planning, head back a few years to an old post of mine on color coding your week! 

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Let's Learn All About the Letter Sound T

We are on a roll with out letter and sound learning. I think I have inadvertently created a monster - I've sparked a real interest in the alphabet and Sam is literally begging me each day for his next lesson. 

We are moving pretty swiftly, adding a new sound each day. This practice is also taken in the Jolly Phonics approach. After the main 42 sounds are introduced, we will start a cycle of moving back through them for the rest of the year, to reinforce and consolidate. Fast paced teaching can have amazing results if done properly and with a deep and committed knowledge of the curriculum. 

Today we read some 't' stories and talked about the sound, how it is produced by our mouth and looked at how it appears in different words in different places (beginning, medial, final)

We added a 't' to our sound book - to flip through later for revision.

We reviewed all our sounds so far and grouped them to practice letter identification.

We even put sounds together and discovered that we could make words! 
Tip: when sounding out words for students to 'hear', say the first sound louder that the others.

We made a sentence! I introduced the sight word 'I'. I will NOT be teaching the spelling of sight words at this early stage. The focus will be solely on the spelling of phonetically-regular words that can be built.

I will teach Sam at this stage to look at sight words as a whole and not to pay too much attention to the individual letters. 

We made our little 't' book and practiced early reading skills. 

Sam used a dry erase marker to write some 't' letters on a whiteboard. 

We are having so much fun and building our collection of known sounds and letters. 

Please find a free 't' worksheet in google drive HERE

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If you are keen to teach the alphabet and letter sounds with these resources, find them in my TpT store via the links below:

Monday, 20 March 2017

Learning the Letter Sound Aa

We continued with out mini letter and sound lessons today. Sam learnt his third sound - a.

We read some 'a' focused stories (his favourite part) and talked about words that have 'a' in them. An important part of the Jolly Phonics approach is to learn about the focus letters in all parts of words - not just in the initial position. Another important aspect is to start blending words as soon as you are able. Now that we have s, a and m learned, we put them together to make both 'am' and 'Sam'. 

We are keeping our word cards in a storage box, together with a magnetic letter for each.
I printed my word cards '2 to a page' to make them small and useful for games and activities.

We manipulated the magnetic blocks in different arrangements and found that we could make Sam! Sam even wrote his name for the first time by putting together the letter sounds he has learnt over the last few days.

We made a little 'a' book and learnt a new common sentence structure 'Look at the ...'

Finishing with a little paper craft is another favourite for Sam!

These resources are just some of those included in my 'Let's Learn Aa Resource Pack'

Find a free download for learning to recognise the letter 'a' in google drive HERE

If you would like to see some little live segments of our lessons, be sure to follow my stories on Instagram (stories can be viewed on mobile devices). 

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Place Value Pick-me-up

Do your students need a little hit of place value? I have always found it to be something that needs regular reinforcement. Now, if you have a lovely little poster number line display up on your wall, you can constantly refer back to and easily recall and reference your students' prior learning. 

I have added a 'cute kids' place value poster set to the 'My Cute Classroom' range in my store - and have also included a non-kid alternative should this be a bit too cutesy for your liking. 

Just print out the places (millions down to thousandths) that suit your grade. Use number cards or a dry-erase marker to model building different numbers and referencing the value of their place.

Need some spring themed place value activities? Ive got you covered! Download one for FREE to try!

Find it by clicking on the image below:

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Let's Learn M in the Alphabet

My Sam continues to be curious about the alphabet and letters, and asked to do some more 'school work' today. We are just doing some very short introductory activities for each letter sound and have just discovered the letter 'm' and the sound it makes - mmmmmmmmm!

We started with a few 'm' themed stories and had a chat about hearing the sound in words. 

I love the AlphaTale books from Scholastic - they provide a wonderful introduction to hearing the sound in context.

Sam needs some help with 'hearing' the focus sound, so we did a page from my 'Look, Say, Listen, Circle' visual discrimination packet. These activities, implemented properly, can help students learn to listen for the sound, identify letters and also get them into a very solid habit of working their eyes across the line left to right. 

Sam already loves making his own little books and is becoming familiar with some early reading skills!

We finished our mini session with a 'sound sort' using the cards from 's' and 'm'.

Most of the resources we used are in my 'Let's Learn M' packet:

And here is a little freebie to add to your alphabet resources! Click on the image and download from Google drive.

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