Funny Ice Cream Directed Drawing

It is time for my Tuesday Art Linky - sharing art ideas and blog posts for K-6 art teaching!

Today, I want to share with you a simple directed drawing. I have been doing directed drawings with my students for a few years now, and have been amazed oat how it has helped develop students confidence and creativity. Many students will take the techniques and ideas they learn in directed drawing and apply them to there areas and lessons.

You can use this printable with your students in a range of ways. You can just take the idea, and model it with your students, using the blackboard, whiteboard or Smartboard. Alternatively, you can give them the worksheet and have them follow along for themselves. 

Directed drawings are a fun way for students to draw new and unfamiliar themes and topics. They are also helpful for learning new techniques for shape and line making. 

You can make the activity a simple one with pencil and paper, or add as many different arty add-ons as you like. Think of creative papers, paints, oil pastel, glue, collage items etc! Have fun with it! 

You can download this Funny Ice Cream directed drawing from Google Drive by clicking on the image below:

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