Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Spider Facts

I recently hit 15K followers in both my TpT store and on Instagram! To celebrate and show my appreciation I have made my latest banner packet {Spider Facts} FREE for you to download! 

Print the color or backline pennants to make a 'Spiders' theme header for your bulletin board, wall, window or string-line display! You can also ask students to research a spider fact and make their own banner to add to the display. 

Find this printable packet in my TpT store HERE

Find more of my fun and easy-to-prep banner packets HERE

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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Scribble Love

Hi friends! 

I am sure you know how much I love a cute scribble by now! I just added 2 new pumpkins to my Scribble Pumpkin set. It is still FREE in my store, so be sure to download the new additions. 

While you are logged into your account at TpT, check to see if any of your other license purchases have been revised. I have added a few new colors to some of my scribble sets:

The beauty of purchasing your user licenses through your TpT account is that you have life long access to all future updates on my sets and resources. I love to surprise my followers with bonus upgrades and additions to sets. 

These are just a few of my recent updates.

I've also just created some super fun 'chevron scribble' digi papers in a Halloween color palette. They are on sale today and in my most recently listed tab on TpT!

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Pumpkin Play Dough

Hi friends! 

I recently updated my pumpkin play dough mats file and included 10 new mats.

In the first edition, students had to make pumpkin seeds to make 'one more' to each pumpkin. 

The printable file now includes some numeral boards so that students can practice making numbers. 

The new boards also feature a fun rhyme for students to say as they are working - when students can vocalize their learning I have found that they have more engaged experiences and more lasting memories of their learning!

If you have a license to this file already, enjoy the new pages by simply downloading from your TpT dashboard. If you would like a license to use them, head over to TpT to find them. 

Another fun fine motor activity is 'big shape tracing' - perfect for getting your kiddos ready for writing, or helping them to become more controlled writers. 

Find a FREE pumpkin tracing page on my blog post HERE

Little learners will love just tracing these projects with a crayon - your older or more experienced learned may like to get the craft glue out and create a sparkly pumpkin with glitter!

And more printable easy-to-prep teacher support materials in my print pack (click on image below)

Monday, 3 October 2016

Ten Frame Addition - Monster Style!

Ten Frames will support students in multiple content areas of mathematics. In addition they can help move students from an emergent understanding of joining two groups to a more structured and coordinated process. This will help them learn to better explain addition and also make them open to naturally learning strategies like the 'turnaround' strategy and bridging. 

Playing games with ten frames makes math so much more fun! 

My monster themed ten frame addition packet includes 4 activities to help you introduce and/or reinforce addition within ten. 

Monster Teeth will require students to pin the answer to a problem that they can read as an algorithm and also visualize using the ten frame monster. 

Add More Monster will require students to draw more teeth to complete the card and find the total. 

The worksheet packet includes 10 worksheets that will help your students draw and solve addition on a ten frame. Loads of practice will give them time to process the strategies. 

My Monster's Teeth Mathtivity will allow your creative learners to create and display their understanding of addition on the ten frame. They make the classroom so happy and engaging too! Win-win!

Head over to TpT to find my new bundle. It's on sale today.  

As always, thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Let's Learn the Alphabet

Hi friends! I wanted to quickly check in and show some photos of my newly revised alphabet packets. 

All 26 packets have been completely revised. 

Each packet has a set of vocabulary cards so you can introduce the new sound for the week and talk to your students about how it sounds in a word, how to articulate the sound and make a focus wall of focus words. Get your students to draw more on sticky notes and add them to the display. 

A little focus song can be introduced, with the song cards. Sing to the tune of 'Farmer in the Dell' and your students will be singing along all week!

The handwriting cards show the placement, size and shape of the focus letter in a sky/stem/dirt arrangement. This will help them understand proportion and the difference with upper and lower case. 

They can practice with a dry erase marker on a laminated lined paper board. 

There are a variety of cut/paste/write/trace worksheets that can be done at school or as assessment or homework. 

The 'Letter Hunt' activity is always a winner!

Teach early reading skills with the little paper cut & paste mini books. Students need to match a picture with a word to complete each sentence. 

The 'Letter Home' 'un-homework' style page can be sent home to help communicate with parents about your learning in class and give them some ideas for activities to do at home. 

Spin and Write alphabet wheels will make an engaging learning center and students can keep the wheel to practice saying their 'p' words!

Each packet has a very simple paper craft. Students love being able to cut and create for themselves and these big fat line pictures will engage them and build confidence. 

Paper chains are an interactive activity that can help build teamwork and class community. Have your students trace the focus letter, link a few letter strips and then join with their friends to make a giant class paper chain to display for the week!

If you have not seen the free Let's Learn P Packet, please head over to my TpT store to find it HERE

If you have the BIG BUNDLE, be sure to download all the new packets from your 'My Purchases' tab!

Also, stop by my store and grab this freebie to supplement your class lessons. It is a 'desk helper' and will help students become familiar with the little song-based phrases to remember their letters - 
e.g. penguins painting pictures for the letter p!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Alphabet Wheels - Spin and Write!

I just listed a new collection of revised alphabet wheels! Your students will love this interactive activity to help become familiar with words that begin with a focus letter-sound and to have some practice in writing focus words.

Simply print, cut and assemble with a brad (split pin) and get spinning!

Students can write the focus words on a recording worksheet if you choose to add this component. 

I started adding these wheels to my 'Let's Learn the Alphabet' packets back on the 16th January 2015! Gah! Time sure does fly! I have not finished adding them to the individual files, but I can now safely assure you that this will be done by the end of September. 

For buyers not interested in the weekly letter packets, I have packaged each letter wheel into a single packet for you. 

 These revised pages will be added to this bundle by September 30th (original pages currently included). 

Revising publications take a lot of time and is a completely optional task for me to carry out. I love doing it to keep my work current and fresh and give my followers the absolute best value. Thank you so much for your patience. 

There are SO many great new pages to add - I just can't wait! 

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - enjoy your day!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Alphabet Readers

My cut-paste-make-read alphabet readers have been completely revised - including this one for Dd

Students love creating their own books and these are perfect for early reading skills!

Find the d book in my TpT store.

And if you have the bundle, you may like to re-download to snag the freshened-up version!

Have a wonderful day friends, thanks so much for stopping by.