Flower Patch Ten Frame Game

Hi friends!

I want to share with you today, an easy and fun game to play with your students, to help them become familiar and confident making equal groups to  model multiplication. It will also help when introducing them to arrays. 

Students will use ten frames as 'flower patches'! 

I used these ice cube trays that I found at Target - they were just $3 each! They are each, a perfect ten frame. How lucky is that!? 

Thank you very much Mr-I-Can-Design-An-Ice-Cube-Tray-That-Also-Doubles-As-Very-Cool-Classroom-Aid. I love you. Muchly.

I also used mini popsicle sticks and foam craft flowers. 

I made the flowers by attaching a foam flower to each stick!

Have plenty of these flowers ready for students to use!

To play, students use a paperclip and pencil to spin a problem. They may, for example land on '3 groups of 2'. They use the flowers and ten frames to model the problem and find the answer!

The problem and answer can be recorded on the worksheet! Students can take turns and assist one another in finding the answers!

If you are looking for more activities to help introduce students to arrays, you may like to check out my newly-updated "Hooray for Arrays" packet. Find it at TpT, by clicking on the image below:

Download the spinner and worksheet for "Flower Patch" from Google Drive HERE!

Have a great day - thanks so much for stopping by!