Our 100 Sight Words Program

We created a Sight Word program to teach the 100 most frequently read words.
Our program incorporates games, activities, worksheets and a teaching guide.
Educational games make learning fun! Incorporating our games into your sight word teaching and learning program will not only make your job easier, but motivate and encourage your students!
Our program splits the 100 words into 5 groups or 'levels'. We included a colour for each level, and we recommend that you print the various games and resources in their matching colour. This will make grouping your resources much easier. The colours are optional however and will work just as well without the colors choices.
The program includes –
Level 1 – blue (20 words)
a, and, be, I, in, is, it, of, that, the, to, was, all, as, are, at, but, for, he, her
Level 2 – yellow (20 words)
had, have, his, not, on, one, said, so, they, we, with, you, an, by, do, go, if, me, my, no
Level 3 – pink (20 words)
up, or, big, can, did, get, has, him, new, now, off, old, our, out, see, she, two, who, back, been
Level 4 – green (20 words)
came, down, from, into, just, like, made, much, over, them, this, well, went, when, call, come, here, make, must, only
Level 5 – white (20 words)
some, then, were, what, will, your, about, before, could, first, little, look, more, other, right, their, there, want, where, which

Students progress through the levels as they learn the words, starting with Level 1.  
The benefits of using our colour-coded levelled system include:
  1. students become aware of what level words they are mastering, by recognising the colour, you may have these displayed in your classroom on matching coloured charts
  2. students learn the rules and expectations for the various games, and as they progress through the levels, play the same games (but with new words) however, require less teacher input and monitoring to engage in learning activities
  3. your teaching and learning program becomes organised and sequenced
  4. teachers are able to see which games and resources link together quickly and effortlessly
  5. students can monitor and motivate their own learning.
We have designed and made games and resources for each level. 
They are great for small group activity time - have one game per small group in your class, assign each group a different game, and rotate them over weeks!
Your program is complete for weeks! Get all the games, in all levels, and its done for the year!
Consistent teaching with a combination of these sight word resources will help your students learn them in no time!
Here is just a sample of what is included in our Sight Words Ultimate Pack - available on TeacherspayTeachers!
Every time we add a resource to our 100 Sight Wors series, we will add it to the Ultimate Pack! We are currently working on a homework pack to work with the words!
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Aussies - if you would like the pack in Foundation Font, please contact us through our website or TpT store.