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Teachers Help Teachers - Sharing vs Stealing

It is widely accepted that teachers help other teachers.

I am most confidently supportive of that concept.

I have spent thousands of hours away from my family helping other teachers in various ways.

I work very hard to support and help thousands of school teachers with my work here at my blog, and my business, From the Pond.

The resources I sell and share are copyrighted to me. I developed them, own them and have the legal right to distribute them.

No part of what I do for 'From the Pond' has had, or will have any connection to my paid employment as a classroom teacher. I started 'From the Pond' before the days of and the 'teacherprenuer' movement.

'From the Pond' was an avenue for me to self-publish. No part of my teaching degree or my work as a classroom teacher in any way prepared me for the design and creation of digital materials. 

In order for me to continue this private, self-publishing venture, I need to uphold my legal right to be the distributor of my work.

That is, I choose where and when my resources are shared.

To be blunt, I don't share 'From the Pond' publications or designs freely with teachers because I did not create them as a teacher, I authored them in the same way an author would write a book.

I design, create and publish them entirely separately from my classroom and school resources. 

I choose safe places for you to download my work. I make sure they are safe and that they current and up to date.

If you are aware of ANY of my resources being distributed on ANY site or via email (other than from one of my legitimate stores or pages- see below), please let me know. 

If you know of any or my resources or clipart being shared illegally - via pages, email, blogs, sites etc) - please let me know.

Absolute confidentiality is assured.

Most often, I only need to send a friendly email to the 're-distributor' to make them aware that their actions are illegal; and the problem is solved. 

For sites redistributing my content, repeatedly and with disregard to my requests for removal, legal action will be taken.

For your reference, the legal and safe places to download my work are:

1. My website

2. My TpT store:

3. My blog:

4. My Clipart/Graphics TpT store:

5. MY Facebook page:

If you find a link to one of my resources or images at any other site, I urge you to email me at, so I can help educate people about their correct use of my work. 

If you wish to share something with a colleague or teaching-friend so that they may use it too - I urge you to do what is legal and give them the full URL link of where they are able to access the file legitimately (ie. download it from me). 

When you purchase or receive something from me YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO STORE IT ON YOUR HOME COMPUTER FOR YOUR PERSONAL HOME AND CLASSROOM USE ONLY. This is not a special condition, it is standard practice for everything you find on the internet. The one exception is clipart, which is licensed to you and comes with a statement of Terms of Use. 

Thank you so much for your time and your assistance!