Pretty Pencil Tin Labels

Join me on Instagram for a 12 days of Christmas celebration.I have had a wonderful year and I am eager to show you how much I appreciate your support. 

For 'Day 3' I have a pretty new set of printable pencil tin labels featuring my favorite Scrappy Kids

They are a fun new twist on the original set - also free in my store HERE

Just print the labels on sticky paper and wrap them around a tin.

They are sure to brighten up your school or home classroom space.

Find the file in my TpT store HERE

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Christmas Tree Coloring Page

I would love to share a fun Christmas tree coloring page with you today. Your students can use perils, crayon or even paint to decorate their tree - add some glitter if you dare!

Find it in Google Drive HERE

 Alphabet Coloring Pages  was listed in my store today.

Make learning the alphabet fun with these review coloring pages. Learning the alphabet is much easier when students have a solid bank of vocabulary for each letter sound. 

Use them to review sample words when learning a new letter and for students to keep and review their learning - I've included a version with picture labels and without. 

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Activities for Telling Time

Math Pack 16 is all finished and ready for you.  I thought I'd show you the activities up close.

As usual the pack contains 5 activities that you could do one per day in a workshop style of have them all operating in a rotation style program for the week - student groups completing one per day. 

They have been designed for your learners to develop a beginning awareness of time, and to look at time to the hour. 

In the game Week Walk, students will identify yesterday, today and tomorrow, and will put the days of the week in the correct order. For your littlest learners you might want to start by placing the today card down ready for them.

How Long asks your students to sort events or scenarios into 'long time' or 'short time'. This concept can get tricky because depending on your student's individual perspective, a long time and a short time can be quite varied. To assist with this, I've come up with some scenarios that you can directly compare.  For example: building a sandcastle versus filling a bucket of sand. If scenarios are related in some way they can be more really sorted.

Monster Clock gives you the opportunity to introduce the clock face and telling time to the hour.

For Timebot, students will match clocks with number and word times to complete their robot game card.

 Flower Time will  have students arrange clock hands to match a written times on the hour.   

All of these activities come with a printable worksheets which allow students to have a record of their learning.

It's such a pleasure to make math activities. I really really love creating them, and thinking about how students can learn the concepts in a fun way. 

These activities for learning to tell time have been added to the bundle,  but are also available individually.

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Star Bright Wallpaper

I've created another festive screen wallpaper for you this week adding a bright modern twist to a traditional star theme to create 'Star Bright'.

 I'm super busy at this time of year so I hung pennants from my 'The Week' pack and I am going to select 6 main tasks for each day to keep me focused. 

I'm so glad to be able to share this week's 'Star Bright' screensaver with you. Simply download the images from google drive from the links below. Store them on your camera roll and choose them for your screen saver and/or wallpaper!

I've added a print quality paper, pennant banner and binder/book cover in the growing bundle that coordinates with the screen wallpaper if you'd love to be matchy-matchy.

Find the computer wallpaper in google drive,  HERE

and the phone wallpaper HERE

If you have the Ultimate Banner and Paper Pack, the new additions are waiting for you now.

I am off to put my feet up for the last few hours of this glorious Sunday.

Have a fantastic day friends.

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Toy Cupboard Labels in the Playroom

You may have caught my Instagram story a few weeks ago on the day I was organizing the toy cupboard in our playroom. 

I recently purchased new tubs that took full advantage of our big shelves. Previously I had quite a lot of empty space and these new tubs enabled us to fit twice as many toys into the same cupboard. - freeing up room to play within the playroom. 

My best advice for managing your childrens' toys is to decide early on in their life on a few broad themes that reflect different types of play. Choose a quality brand or type of toy that represents that theme and try to stick to that when you make new toy purchases. 

Also, think about the type of play that is encouraged from the toys.

For example, selecting just Duplo and Lego for 'construction play' enabled us to 'rule out' many other options. If a new toy did not offer any new style of play that was encouraged using Lego bricks, we did not need it. The result is quite a good selection of Lego and Duplo and deep meaningful play sessions from the good supply of equipment that works together. 

When I sorted out the new toy tubs I:
  • emptied our old ones onto the floor
  • cleared the cupboard
  • measured the shelves, particularly the depth and height
  • sourced new boxes (I got these ones from Bunnings, here in Australia)
  • sorted the pile of toys on the floor into 3 sections - junk to throw, toys to donate and toys to keep
  • sorted the 'keep' into themes/styles of play, keeping in mind the play that I had witnessed my children engaging in over the last 6 months
  • distributed all the toys into the new tubs
  • printed and attached new labels (I used full sheet sized printable sticky paper)

We love having our toys sorted. It helps my children make great choices for new play, quickly and easily. It also encourages them to pack away and keep our playroom tidy. 

One rule I taught my children (from crawling age) was never to climb up furniture in the house and to ask for things to be lifted from high shelves by an adult. I am blessed to have very well behaved children and we have never had a problem with the boxes being pulled down, but this is also something to keep in mind with little ones. 

If you would love the labels for your toy boxes too head over to my TpT store to download them.

Have a great day!

- Mel x

One Page Craft Pack 5

I have created a 5th edition of my popular 'One Page Craft' packs. A one page craft will help engage your students in a create project that is 'all on one page' so it is simple to prep and lots of fun to make. 

Students color or paint their page before cutting and assembling their craft. Each craft will differ slightly in assembly procedures. 

Don't forget that you can add crafty details - like glitter, crepe paper, sequins if you choose, to make this a more complex activity for your students.

Here are a few of my favourites from this new pack:

(addition template included that encourages students to create their own pattern detail)

Snow Owl
Several of the crafts are seasonal - covering winter, Valentines' Day and Groundhog Day.

As requested by my Sam.

 Seriously, who would not want a dragon friend who could flap his wings and fly you away?

This packet of 20 crafts and coordinating writing papers is on sale today if you would like to check it out!

I had a request from an Aussie teacher for an Australian themed 'one page craft' for Christmas so I made this little cutie and would love to share him with you.

Download the Koala Santa from TpT HERE

Have a wonderful day friends and thanks so much for stopping by!

- Mel x

Ho Ho Ho Wallpaper

I got all Christmassy in my teacher home office this week! I added some new banners, created some super easy snowflakes from paper doilies and of course, changed my screen wallpaper.

I love having changeable accents within my home office to help create a space where I am excited about and happy to be.

I'm so glad to be able to share this week's 'Ho Ho Ho' screensaver with you. Simply download the images from google drive from the links below. Store them on your camera roll and choose them for your screen saver and/or wallpaper!

I've added a print quality paper, pennant banner and binder/book cover in the growing bundle that coordinates with the screen wallpaper if you'd love to be matchy-matchy with me.

Find the computer wallpaper in google drive,  HERE

and the phone wallpaper HERE

If you have the Ultimate Banner and Paper Pack, the new additions are waiting for you now.

I am off to catch the last few hours of this glorious Sunday with my family.

Have a lovely day sweet friends.

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5 Fun and Easy Prep Printable Activities for Christmas

I just adore Christmas and making fun learning activities to celebrate. I picked 5 of my favorite to share with you today just in case you need to set up some easy-to-prep engaging learning opportunities for your little ones.

1. A Very Busy Christmas
This packet has 30 fun projects to keep your little ones busy and develop their fine motor control and coordination.

2. Color Create Motivate 
Design a poster or color one of my designs to provide a growth-mindset style message during the festive season!

3. Race and Trace
Revise and consolidate spelling sight words with these differentiated Race and Trace worksheets!

4. Christmas Card Templates
Hop back through some of my archived blog posts to find some super cute Christmas cards for your little ones to make for their friends and family.

5.  'One Page Craft' 
Paper Craft is something that is creative for your students to complete and involves a combination of planning, coordination and fine motor skills. 

They can be completed in a single session and provide for a sense of achievement for students through completing a project.

I hope that has helped you with a few ideas for the next few weeks and that your little ones are as excited for Christmas as we are!

Have a great day.

Mel x

SALE Coming Soon

Build your wishlist because a TpT site wide sale is coming very soon.

All items in my store will be 20% off and TpT will give you a bonus 5% off also. 

It is the perfect time to save BIG by securing bundles !

Aussie friends, the advertised dates reflect the USA timezones so for us it will be more like 27.5th - 28.5th of November.

Head over to my Facebook page to enter a gift card giveaway too.

I'm so excited for this TpT sale - I have so much on my wishlist - I hope you are too!

- Mel x

Scribble Rainbow Heart Wallpaper

You know by now how much I love making pretty patterns to turn into screen wallpapers for my home teacher office each week. Having a freshly inspired workspace helps me feel relaxed and focused to kick off the week.

I love sharing these wallpapers with you too. Simply download the images from google drive from the links below. Store them on your camera roll and choose them for your screen saver and/or wallpaper!

This week I've added a heart detail twist to a favorite - the scribble rainbow polka dots - for some eye popping color before I get into some winter and Christmas themed designs over the next few  weeks.

Find the computer image  HERE
and the phone image HERE

{These are for your personal use only and cannot be redistributed or shared}

I've also just listed in my TpT store a growing bundle of printable pennant banners, printable patterned papers and binder covers to match these weekly screen wallpapers.

If you love adding coordinating pretty accents to your workspace or classroom - this decorative collection is for you!

I've added the pennant to my office and I have the binder cover in my Day Planner (changeable insert) already! 

I've listed the growing bundle and you will access 17 of my previous designs to get started!

I am off to catch the last few special moments of Sunday with my family!

Have a lovely day sweet friends.

- Mel x

End of School Year Teacher to Student Gift

If you are in Australia, your end-of-school-year coincides with Christmas. It is both a busy and wonderful time.

It can also be an expensive time. I wanted to share with you a little way you could give a gift to your students for Christmas and to commemorate the school year. Best yet, it won't break the bank.

Simply print these little poem trees out, laminate if you wish and attach to a fun-size box of Smarties. I picked up 11 boxes today on sale at Woolworths for $3. 

As students eat each different shade of Smartie they can think of a memory from the school year.

And they look very cute lined up as a field of Christmas trees (hint - pop a little sticky tape on the base if you want them to stand tall).

I've included a backline version of the tree as well, so you can print on green paper as an alternative to color printing.

Find the printable in Google Drive HERE

Now, get back to your weekend and relax!

Mel x

Free Easy Christmas Card

Hop back to an archived blog post of mine to find the template for this Christmas tree card. It is extremely easy to prep (just one page per student) and easy to assemble - just color, cut and fold.

Your students will love making one in class to take home from school and give to their family or friends.

Free Christmas Card Printable for School and Classroom

We added some simple wash tape strips to the side of ours today to add a little more 'pop'.

Free Christmas Card Printable for School and Classroom

Your students can write a message inside the card.

Free Christmas Card Printable for School and Classroom

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today - I hope you are having a great weekend!

- Mel x

Snowman Coloring Page

Children love snowmen! I have only had the chance to build one in my life but it is a memory that will stay with me forever. 

I made a snowman coloring page today that your little learners may like to color and display in the classroom. 

Download it from google drive HERE

If you'd love to do another creative snowman activity with your class, be sure to check out my new 'Word Snowman' printable paper craft in my TpT store!

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a lovely day!

- Mel x

Gobble Gobble

November is well underway - although being thankful is important every day, in November we can use turkeys as a theme to help learn more about the holiday Thanksgiving. 

Using themes and building an awareness of how people of the world celebrate can increase your students' engagement and hence knowledge and skills.

Below you will find some turkey themed resources that I have in my store. If you are a subscriber of my newsletter you would have received an exclusive free download yesterday with a turkey twist too. 

This turkey writing topper will make writing super fun. I've included 4 writing frames to give you some ideas.

There is a turkey 100 chart activity for November in my 100 Chart Puzzle Bundle! 

A Turkey Shape Craft makes learning about 2D shapes interactive and creative.

Help your little learners master pen control and early handwriting skills with the turkey cards from my Tracing Lines bundle!

My turkey fact banner will help you make a cute and creative learning space - and your students ca contribute an interesting turkey fact for display.

I hope your students have a turkey-riffic time learning this week and please be sure to stop by my Instagram page to enter our friends-giving giveaway! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

- Mel x