Sunday, 10 January 2016

Heart Spinners

If you follow my clipart store you will know that I love creating clipart that is specifically for teachers. 

I love mixing fun and happy themes with classroom practicality. 

My clipart can be used in your classroom to help add vibrancy to your lessons and enhance motivation and engagement. They turn repetitive and skill based activities into something fun!

You can simply open the clipart once you download them and print them out, as I have done with these heart themed spinners - perfect for Valentine's Day. If you use them within a teaching document (that is secure) you are permitted to distribute your document to others (this is called 'commercial use'). 

- Mel x

Addition Strategies

While my daughter is on summer break, we are reviewing a few arithmetic strategies. Lucky she enjoys it! I found that she recalls the 'friends of ten' confidently, but does not readily use this knowledge as a strategy when solving problems.  

Find a FREE printable for Friends of Ten HERE

So we made some task/activity cards to help extend her learning from the recall of simple facts, to applying it in a number problem. We sometimes call this strategy 'bridging to ten' here in Australia. We used pegs (clothespins) and a pipe cleaner to make a 'bridge' and further solidify the joining of these two numbers to make them one new number (10). 

I wanted her to understand that by looking for a ten, and joining them, we then only had 2 numbers to add, when looking at 3 numbers to combine.

So, 2+3+8 would then become 10+3 - much easier to work with! 

This new 'print and play' activity is in my TpT store and on sale today. I have included a recoding sheet in the packet and you can set up a 'task card' activity station with students taking a card, finding the total and recording it on their page.