Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Christmas in July - Tuesday

Ho Ho Ho

Welcome to Tuesday of my Christmas in July week! Head over to Blog Hoppin to find more teacher-authors having festivities! 

Today, I have on sale another newly released resource.

cvc Word Rhyme Wheels is in my TpT store today for 50% off! 

Your students will enjoy creating rhyming words on each wheel. The letter and picture clues will assist them as they discover how to substitute a letter in each word to create a family of words. 

Some students may need the entire year to become confident in 'hearing' how words rhyme. It is so important to do as many aural activities for rhyming as you possibly can. I play a simple one with my students whenever we have a few spare minutes. I simply say a series of three or four words, and they must determine the rhyming pair and tell me. Listening and talking during word work is essential - this written work should be a follow up. 

As a little Christmas in July gift for you today, I have made some special 'word work' take home notes. I love these fun and easy-to-prep rewards for students that you see working extra hard through the day. 

You can read more about them on THIS post

Just print them on coloured paper, chop them up and you are all set. If you have time to write on them, there is an optional back page to write a student's name and record their special achievement. 

You can make them even more 'special' by giving the awardees time to colour them with special markers and fancy pens. 

Download your gift from Google Drive HERE

If you would like to have more 'Take Home Notes' you can find the packet in my TpT store!

Thank you so much for stopping by today friends!

Christmas in July Kick Off!

Hi friends!

It is well and truly Christmas-sy here in my little part of the world. We are experiencing a VERY chilly winter and I love getting snuggled up on the sofa with warm drinks and not feeling guilty at all for staying indoors! There was a very exciting rumour circulating that we may even see snow on the mountain that I can see from my house. It would be a once in a century sought of thing. It hasn't eventuated, but I have my eyes peeled! 

My friends over at Blog Hoppin enjoy a summery Christmas-in-July and decided it was a great excuse for a sale! Every day this week I will have a surprise sale, discount or freebie! Let the festivities begin!

Today I have discounted my new 'Big Bus Game Pack'. It is LESS than 50% off!

It includes 3 fun printable games (my favourite thing of all) to help revise numbers to 30 when you head back to school!

Students can practice forward number sequences with Bus Count

They will order numbers from least to greatest in Bus Order.

And make sure they have combinations-to-ten down pat with Make Ten Bus.

Each game has a recording worksheet, detailed game instructions and a cover page (to get your pockets and tubs labelled and organized). 

Just $1.50 for 3 fun games that your students will love! That is sweeter than Christmas pudding!

Have a wonderful day my lovelies, and don't forget to head over to Blog Hoppin to find links to other fabulous stores!