Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ladybug Art

For the Tuesday Art Linky today, I am sharing with you a very easy Ladybug paper-arranging artwork. This idea would also look very effective with torn paper.

We started with a square of blue paper and 2 green squares that were equal in size to the blue. We also had 2 red paper circles, glue, goggly eyes and a black crayon.

We cut the green square into strips - in random, rough strips. Then we cut the circles in half. This gives  you an ideal opportunity to practice folding a circle in half. 

We then attached the green strips to the blue square paper by gluing them down in a random arrangement. Then the red half-circles were placed on top of the green strips. 

We used googly eyes, but you could also use white sticker circles. Let your students draw the detail of the ladybugs in their own creative style!

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End of School Year Memory Book

Hi friends! 

How was your weekend? Mine was way too short. It always is. We did a family bike ride. I am still recovering. It has been quite a while since I rode a bike. Apparently they say you never forget. Well apparently 'they' are wrong! My riding skills ARE getting somewhat better, provided I don't try to do anything fancy. Like scratch my nose. Or look behind me. Not pretty. My little man sits on a seat behind me, and I MAY have heard a man walking past mutter - 'better hold on mate'. And I heard that because it would seem that speed is not my strength either.

We had a beautiful Autumn day and it was just too nice to stay inside - apparently. I have to admit, I was very reluctant to leave the house, but am so glad I did. The sunshine was superb and we soaked up as much of it as possible - Winter will be here before we know it.

But most of you are heading for summer. Hmmmmmm summer!

In case you have not had time to make a school memory book with your little ones yet, I wanted to show you some pages from the 'Scrappy School Memory Book' file I put together with Deanna. It is a simple, fuss free booklet with a 'scrappy' feel. Your students will need to finish each picture and write a few words or short sentence to complete the book. Use all the pages - or just a few. 

It started off with 10 pages, and we have already added 6 more. 

Your students will have a lovely bright and happy record of some of their favourite school memories for the year!

You can find it in Deanna's store by clicking on any of these images.

We would also like to offer you this FREE page today. Your students can make a page for a special friend. They will need to finish illustrating the picture and write 6 describing words in honour of their friend. This activity can be done as a stand alone - or once given out, students could attach their extra special friendship page to their own book.

Click on the image below to grab it from Google Drive

Thanks so much for stopping by today - have a great week!