Someone Say Carrot?

Not sure what it is about this time of year, but I start becoming a teeny bit obsessed with carrots. It might be seeing those delicious and cute Lindt chocolate carrots in the shops ready for Easter. Maybe it's the bright bold combination of orange and green. 

Hmmm... this year, it may just happen to be because my cute-alicious 2 year old boy just started saying 'cawat' at dinner time. Yum. I could eat him up! 

I made this 'carrot craft' today, as I wanted to share a freebie with my fabulous Facebook friends, and would love my bloggy friends to have it too!

It is perfect for Australian kinders (in their first few months of school) because it has nice big fat lines that are easy to cut. I am sure Kinder teachers out there are all nodding when I say we need EASY cutting for the first few months! This carrot becomes a great activity to get those scissor skills developed!

They can cut on a line for the carrot top and bottom.

The can 'freehand cut' a black circle for the mouth. 

Provide them with a thin strip of white paper and teach them to 'snip'. It is important that they learn the difference between cutting and snipping. Tell them that to snip, we use the front of our scissors. We keep our fingers away from the edge to be snipped. Get the to 'snip' all the way down the strip of paper to make crazy carrot teeth!

I provided a writing prompt so that older students could enjoy this activity to - of course, the focus of your lesson would be (cough, cough), on the writing component.

Head over to TpT to find this flash freebie!

Last year, I blogged about a carrot game for working on number. It is FREE too!

Find my original blog post HERE

Or download it straight  from TpT HERE

I also have another game for addition, this time with peas and carrots. Find it at TpT  by clicking on the image below:

See, I told you. Carrot crazy I am. 

And if you are not all oranged-out, why not create some carrot creations of  your own with this set of crazy carrot clipart! Find them in my clipart store, by clicking on the image below:

Thank you so much for stopping by and joining me in my love of orange today!


KinderMyles said...

Thank you for the freebies. Your carrot crunch game mat would be good for a game called squeeze/crunch. One player thinks of a mystery number. They put one counter on each side of the numberline. The other player guesses. The first player tells them if the mystery number is greater or less than the guess. They move one counter to show that decreasing the number options until the mystery number is guessed.

OkinawanGirl Lisa said...

Fabulous resources! I somehow had missed the numbers carrot one from last year so was happy to be able to download it for free :) Thank you for sharing your great ideas and resources.

I've been browsing a lot of blogs lately (as I recently started one) and this one really stands out with its fab design!

I'm following now!

Best wishes,


Sharon McBee said...

So cute! Thanks! I just pinned all of them and added the carrot clipart to my wishlist.

Buggy for First Grade

Kelley Dolling said...

As soon as I saw that carrot on Facebook, I HAD TO HAVE HIM! He makes me giggle. Thanks so much for sharing. My kids are going to flip out :)

Jennifer Brown said...

I LOVE this writing idea and art idea! It is going to go great with finishing up my healthy eating/body unit as well as teeth/toothbrushing. Thank you for loving carrots!

Ali said...

Adorable carrot craftivity!! Please tell me the name of the font you used to write the word "Carrot." I totally love that font!!

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