Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Oodles of Spooky Boo!

Ok, so enough of the oo words already!
If you have not seen our Spooky Link Up, you need to head over to our graphics blog and check out the wonderful collection of resources, that is growing and growing! Lots are free, and some are priced, but they are all SPOOK-TACULAR! I have people emailing me every day to join in so expect lots more to add to your spooky ghost collection. I have a craftivity in development as well.
To help you get even more in a spooky mood... oh there is another oo... (I promise no more.. he he)
Download this too-cute fon HERE with TERMS for commercial use HERE

Cupcakes Font - Yum!

Do you just love this new font as much as I do!
You can download it for FREE HERE or from the sidebar on my graphics blog:
Keep an eye on this sidebar list.... it will grow!
And, as you can see, I am creating a wonderful week of free fonts for you!
Take a look at Wednesday!
If you would like to use our fonts commercially, please read the terms and conditions.... and I would LOVE you to follow my blog!