Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How to Make a TPT Basic Store Banner Using MS Paint

It's technology tip Tuesday!

I have written a tutorial for how to make a very basic banner for your TeacherspayTeachers store.

I have had so many requests to help people create their own banners.

There are many ways to do this, but my tutorial will primarily help people that have never attempted something like this before or with very limited skills in the area of design on the computer.

Hopefully you will have Microsoft PAINT on your computer. If you cannot locate it directly from your start button , try START, ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, PAINT.

'Accessories' will be a little yellow folder in your program list.

1. Find Paint on your computer and open

2. Once Paint is open, from the drop down menu, select 'Properties'

3. Select 'Pixels' and add the exact dimensions from TpT 706x90 pixels

4. Select the rectangle from the shapes menu

5. Select a colour and then click and drag to make a rectangle. Click from the top right corner. Keep the rectangle within or just on the edge of your document.

6. You can now fill your rectangle shape. Choose a colour from the selection panel (this will show up as Colour 1). Click the fill tool. Then click on your rectangle. The rectangle will fill with your chosen colour.

7. Now its time to add text. Click on the text button, it's a capital A. Be sure to select a font that you have a commercial licence to use. For example, if you want to use a  Kevin and Amanda font, they sell a commercial licence as well. You won't be able to give the credit they require to use their 'free' fonts, on your blog button - it just won't fit!

8. Click and drag to create a text box and then type your name. Make sure the 'Transparent' button is selected and that you have chosen the font colour that you would like to use.

9. Add some details if you wish. I used the circle shape tool to create polka dots on this one. You can also copy and paste clipart into paint as well. Be sure to use .png clipart files, as they will have a transparent background. Most likely, any clipart you put in, you will need to resize to make them fit. To do this, save an additional copy of your clipart, so your original is preserved. Open your clipart file in Paint, go to 'resize' and make it smaller (you may need to use trial and error to see what size you need... I always use the percentage tool, and reduce to 25% for example).

You will also need to check the terms of use of your clipart before you use it for a banner/logo. For example, the clipart that I sell at Graphics From the Pond is NOT  to be used for a banner/logo without permission. Just email me or your designer of choice and ask them if you can have permission to use it in this way. You most likely will be allowed!

10. When you are done, choose SAVE AS from your menu. Save it as a PNG picture. It will be crisper on the screen that a JPEG.

11. Give your banner a file name and save it in a folder on  your computer.

12. Now its time to upload it to your TeacherspayTeachers store. Go to your Dashboard. Select DRESS UP YOUR STORE.

13. Click on BROWSE and locate your saved banner from the folder you saved it to. Here you can see the one that is already loaded in my store.

Enter a link. The banner is clickable. This means that when a buyer clicks on it, it needs to have a web address embedded in the picture to take the buyer to. TpT has a rule that this MUST be a page on the TpT website (rightfully so!).

Choose either the home page of your store, or one of your favourite products. Copy and paste the URL (of the page of your choice) from your web browser and into this space.

It will take a day or so to get approval for you banner, so you will not see it straight away.

I hope that may have helped you create your own banner... or other wonderful creations with PAINT!
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Monday Must Haves!

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin for a fun 'Teacher Week' of linky blog posts!

For 'Must Have Monday' I have come up with a couple of things I could not live without as a teacher! It was hard to narrow down, and I really had to think about things that I use here at home, as I am on leave at the moment and all my 'classroom' stuff is packed neatly away.

I cannot function without Post-it notes, both in the classroom and at home when I am doing my documentation. I love all sorts and colours and especially love the 'pop up' notes, which go in a dispenser, like the apple one shown here. I will do a post one day on a million and one ways to use them in the classroom... I think I have covered them all at one time or another!

My 'binder' is my other great love. Yes, hubby is number one, binder number two... he he.

I LOVE to bind everything! Don't get me wrong, I love a loose leaf folder, and have everything in folders while I am using them in the classroom. At the end of each term (ten weeks), I get everything out of the folder, run it through the photocopier (to keep a school copy) and then bind myself a copy to keep at home.

You see, after 12 years of teaching I was beginning to run out of room to keep binders... just too many and TOOOOOO heavy! And DO NOT get me started on how they flip flop all over the shelf. I got my binder and all the binding equipment from Officeworks. It was what I tell my husband is a BWI. A Big WISE Investment. He he!

I line up all my bound-documents in magazine holders that I got from the delicious kikki K! I like to access my programs, planners and assessment documentation from past years.

My local Westfield has a kikki K and I beg ask nicely for gift vouchers off family for my birthdays and Christmas. These holders are so pretty, they are a nice teal green colour that didn't show up nice on my phone camera. You can fill them up, and spin them around to reveal this nice plain tall side, so your study looks organised and not all cluttered up with flippy floppy folders ;)

As you can see, there is a little tab on the front. I record the year and pop all my bound-up books in there. I have 12 so far, one for each year of teaching, but I will eventually pack some away as I usually only refer to the last couple of years.

Here is how they look when you spin them back to see the books...As you can see I bind everything from the end of term in a separate book and label it with my label maker. One for my day planner, one for my program, one for my assessment, and one called 'communication' when I am on a job share. It is much easier to cart around four bound books than four big leaver arch folders.

Here is one of my programs from last year. In my program are very detailed units of work for each key learning area and links back to our curriculum documents. A program is like a very detailed day planner.

Another MUST HAVE for me is a set of carry cases (again, from Officeworks). I store all my laminated games and centre activities in these. I am slowly developing one for each strand of English and Mathematics. I like them because they hold enough to cover a unit of work, but not too much to cause an injury when you lift them! The boxes I had previously were just getting way too heavy and awkward to manoeuvre. I keep these at home, as all these resources I have made with items I have purchased myself. I also would just not have the storage room in a classroom for them. I just take into the classroom the activities I need for the week or fortnight.

Inside these carry cases are Marbig document wallets. I like them because they do not have a button or a zip, so they lie very flat against one another. I can then fit more in the carry case! Each document wallet has the equipment for a game or centre activity.

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