Saturday, 21 May 2011

And the Washing Continues!

Was I just saying that I love blogs?! I have had a Wishy Washy few weeks, both at home and in the classroom with one of my all time faves - Mrs Wishy Washy.

I will be able to extend out learning a bit further now with a book I had not heard of - Mrs McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash thanks to Charity over at the Organized Classroom blog. I found this free file on TpT. I also love reading her blog and all the other wonderful things she does- this teacher must be one busy lady!

Click here to find her fab free resource for teaching with the book. 

I might even think of some other ways I can incorporate a "washing" theme into my week. I already use clothes pegs for so many activities in the classroom!

They are great for addition. I have a set of cards (about half an A4 paper size) each with a different  number on them, say 9 for example. I have a bucket of pegs - two colours. The children have to use the two colours of pegs to clip around the edge of the card (e.g. 5 pink, and 4 yellow) - therefore making two groups that add to make 9. The children LOVE being able to clip with the pegs and little to they realise it is also helping their fine motor.  

I use them for hanging artwork and clipping paper on the painting easel. I even have a literacy game called 'peg it' and have written sounds on pegs that clip over a word card to complete the word - great for spelling.

I will get together some photos and free downloads of some of these activities. Do you use pegs in the classroom? What for? Do share with us :)

Another Fabulous Freebie

I LOVE finding great teaching resources from other teachers and also reading the huge variety of teaching blogs. It is always interesting to get a glimpse into other classrooms - it motivates me, encourages me and makes this sometimes "lonely" job a little more open. And I mean "lonely" because there is never any time in the day for a deep level of sharing and collaboration with our colleagues - or is it just me??! I am finding that teaching blogs give me time to have that meaningful collaboration with other teachers - and I can do it at home in my PJs with a nice hot cup of Early Grey tea (it is nearly winter here in Australia, and it is starting to get quite cool)!

This is yet another great free find from Jen over at Runde's Room. Click here to find her Building Words activity