Starting to Read & Write


I am so excited to have finally finished my latest teaching resource - Making Words on the 123 Train. I have wanted to create this resource for SO long. It really is a culmination of many things I have learned and refined over the last 11 years.

It is the way I teach my kinders to begin to read and write. After I have taught the single sounds (or a fair chunk of them) I start to teach them about the 123 Train! 123 because there are 3 parts to the train - the engine, the carriage and the caboose. All 3 parts help to read (or write) the word. I give them colours to also help with the process of learning to chunk a word up or down (encode/decode - write/read). The 3 colours also serve as a useful tool when you want to start to move your class on from the can just use the colours before finally getting them to sound-out plain black words on a white background.

My new resource includes everything you need to get started with the 123 Train in your classroom. Anchor charts, letter cards, picture cards, poster pages, worksheets, literacy centers and heaps of teacher notes and suggestions. You can also use many of the ideas in the program and adapt them for your own classroom, for example you may not want to use the letter cards - magnetic letters work too.

Using the teacher cards to model how to read and write simple words

I sort my teacher cards in an Index Box
Students make their own words for an independent activity, after participating in whole class lessons and modelling.

A great way to sort the student cards
Reading word cards are sent home daily to tie in reading with writing. The sounds are segmented to help students with the 'sounding out' process.

I do use this same idea for teaching cvcc and ccvc words, and am working on the resource file for this program now :)

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